About the Atlanta Mock Newbery

Are you interested in searching for the most distinguished contribution to American children’s literature published in 2017? Do you work in a library, school, bookstore? Are you a publisher, editor, agent, or author of children’s books? Are you a simply a lover of children’s literature, or reading alongside your kids?? Would you like to learn about and practice the Newbery guidelines and voting procedures in a fun and supportive environment?

Please complete this survey to share with us your level of interest!

Our goal is to strengthen the community of children’s literature enthusiasts in the greater Atlanta area. By bringing together librarians, teachers, booksellers, readers, and book creators we hope to develop new bonds while increasing everyone’s awareness of the Newbery process.

All members will meet in late December or early January for a day long discussion of a shortlist of titles (approximately 10-15 novels/long form nonfiction texts, as well as a handful of graphic novels, poetry collections, and picturebooks). A small subcommittee will work virtually to choose the shortlist. These shortlist titles will be announced to all members incrementally throughout the year so that all members have the opportunity to access and read all titles. (all members will be able to suggest titles for consideration for the shortlist to the subcommittee). The shortlist committee will strive to create a balanced list of titles from a multitude of genres, formats, and styles with a purposeful eye towards diversity.

Please feel free to share this interest form with other folks that may be interested in participating in the first Atlanta Mock Newbery. The more the merrier!  And while the end-of-year event will be open to adults only, we’re hoping to create resources that will make it possible for kids to join us virtually (or for teachers to coordinate classroom mock Newbery groups), and read along.

Please email with any questions or suggestions.

Thank you,
Eric Carpenter – School Librarian – erccarp@gmail.com
Laurel Snyder  – laurelsnyderauthor@gmail.com


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